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  • Lindsey Markwood

Fun Onboard: The Top 5 Activities for Younger Kids on Icon of the Seas

The Icon class of ships are the most family friendly cruises in the Royal Caribbean Fleet. Is there enough things to do for younger kids? In short, YES - more than I can cover in one article. Here are the top 5 things for younger kids to do onboard Icon of the Seas.

#5 – Pools

There are seven pools onboard Icon of the Seas. While pools are always a huge hit on any cruise ship, this ship takes it to the next level for younger kids. In Surfside neighborhood, not only are there buckets of water in the splash area, water guns, and slides, but there is a small infinity pool that is designed for the kids to have a blast without worrying about other guests.  There is plenty of seating for the adults in the shade and in the sun if they want to watch their child play for hours. Parents can join their kids in the water. Life jackets are available to borrow near the pool and near Sprinkles.

a couple skates in ice as a prince and princess at a royal ball.
The ice skating show is make with the younger children in mind

#4 – Once Upon a Time: The King's Royal Ball

For the youngest of cruise travelers, go see this ice skating show. 2nd grade and under is the target audience. It is meant for the youngest travelers.  Here you see the classic storybook characters come to life on ice. It is put on by the same performers as Starburst: Elemental Beauty.

#3 – Ships Ahoy

In the Royal Promenade, there is a parade called Ships Ahoy. The cast members from the Aqua Show, theater, and ice skating casts all participate. There are even floats – yes real floats that go up and down the Royal Promenade. Just a note: while this show is meant for the younger kids, guests of all ages will enjoy all the choreography from the entertainers. Pro tip: Get here early and sit near the Pearl – this is in the middle of the parade and a great spot. Face the Pearl with your back against the wall.

A man dressed as Captian Awesome speaks into the microphone. to the side is a black curtain where a pink bunny is just above it.
Captain Awesome

#2 Captain Awesome

Each night before its time to go to bed, Captain Awesome hosts a bedtime play. Before he reads the interactive story, he has young guest volunteer to help out. Each helper child gets a puppet to help act out the story Captain Awesome tells. There are plenty of chair for the other children and parents to sit it. It is a very cute way to help end your day before heading back in your cabin.

4 small curios in front of a restruant

#1 Food.

I know what you are thinking food as the top item - what? Yes, Royal Caribbean has fantastic food options for the kids. Younger kids are going to spend most of their time in Surfside Neighborhood. Here they can have ice cream at Sprinkles, free of charge. If you time it right, you can enjoy your ice cream while listening to the live orchestra play. Or you can head to Surfside Eatery where lunch is only steps away. You can get a full meal here. At Surfside bites you can get bite size churros that are perfect for little hands. Its also all right there. For something a bit more elevated go to Peir 7. Kids are free while there is a service charge for the parents. Royal Caribbean has made it that you could spend all day in this neighborhood without needing to leave unless you just wanted to explore the rest of the ship.


There are a lot more activities for the youngest kids onboard, but this wraps up our top 5. Would you like to learn more? Schedule a consultation below.




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