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  • Lindsey Markwood

Buc-ee's: Warner Robins

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Our family found a new mandatory stop on the way down from Atlanta to Orlando: Buc-ee’s in Warner Robins. In short, it is eye opening awesome.

What is Buc-ee’s? It is definitely more than just an upscale gas station with 120 pumps

(horray for no waiting in line) and clean bathrooms. Side note: clean bathrooms is which is a must when driving long distances. It is a 24 hour convenience store that is 53,000 square feet. (Seriously, it is HUGE). If you are traveling on I75, you cannot miss it, they have signs over 100 miles always on the highway in both directions that grab your attention. Read the signs too as some will make you smile.

We arrived at Buc-ee’s and met up with some awesome friends. It was just around 10:15 AM. We were hungry so decided to have an early lunch. It was perfect. They have an entire section for brisket.

Let me tell you, their chopped brisket sandwich is seriously to die for. It was fantastic and very reasonably priced. You can watch the workers chop the brisket right in front of you. Its great because you know it is fresh. (and did I mention it is really good).

There is an ENTIRE WALL dedicated to ICEES.

Yes, it is every kids dream. Have I mentioned how cool this place is to visit?

Speaking of walls, they have rows and rows and rows of jerky.

The jerky is now why we have to stop there every time. So. Many. Flavors. I recommend getting a few pieces of turkey and beef jerky to go. Besides the prepackaged jerky, you can go to the jerky counter and pick out exactly how many pieces of each type of jerky you want. It is so much better than the jerky you can get at grocery stores. Now as I am writing this, I am contemplating driving down just to get more of the jerky.

There is tons of fudge available if you have a sweet tooth.

Fudge is one of the many items Buc-ee's is known for. The picture above is from their sample pack. They also have trail mixes, lots of bakery items, chips, Dip and Dots, and more. Oh, they have hot sauce too. Drinks are very cheap. Less than a dollar for a huge cup.

The other half of the store is for merchandise. The products change out regularly which is a great way to encourage locals and tourists to come by more often. There are lots of items for home décor which is nice.

Fun fact: A large portion of the store is dedicated to anything and everything fishing.

Out of all the merchandise you can get, my personal favorite is all the clothing with the Buc-ee’s log on it.

The above photo is the workout merchandise. Anything that can have a logo on it, you can find in this section. They have sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs, coolers, and more. Of course our family couldn't come home empty handed, so we got a T-shirt.

Safe traveling all!

- Lindsey Markwood


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