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  • Lindsey Markwood

Cruise Duck

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

If you have previously cruised on the larger cruise lines, you might have noticed some small rubber ducks hiding throughout the ship. These Cruise Ducks are not sponsored by the cruise lines, but rather it is a fun, interactive way for cruise passengers to interact with each other. This article gives a bit of background to the Cruise Ducks.

First some background, the first Cruise Duck was started by a young Carnival cruise traveler, Abby Davis. She thought it would be a great way to spread cheer to fellow passengers. She would hide fun ducks on the cruise ship. Much to the fellow cruise passenger's delight, they would find ducks around the ship and it made them happy.

In a simple form, Cruise Ducks is a huge game of hide and seek for all ages where literally everyone is a winner. Those who make/bring the ducks wins because they know they are spreading cheer and those who go searching love the element of a surprise.

Duck sitting on a bench

Most cruise passengers will buy a bunch of ducks with a theme. There are ducks decorated for holidays. There are ducks dressed to the nines for formal night. There are ducks that are just silly. There are ducks for sports team. Ducks can have extra bling, be hand painted, or even have accessories. The sky is the limit.

Passengers who are a bit crafty can make their own. You can find adorable crochet ducks which were made with a labor of love or even Cruise Ducks made of origami paper.

To make the cruise ducks even more fun, many passengers will add a note to the ducks. I like when it has the city or country you are from because then other guests can start collecting ducks from across the US and around the world. Click below for the Cruise Duck template.

Wondering where to hide the ducks? First and foremost, make sure to follow the cruise line rules. Additionally, do not put in a body of water (i.e. pool or hot tub) as you don't want a little child to try and grab it if they do not know how to swim. Do not put near the edge of the ship where it could fall overboard. Do not put in the onboard shops. Do not put the Cruise Duck where it can be a tripping hazard for fellow cruise guests. Some ideas of where to hide them include next to a plant, near a statue, in a fish extender (Disney Cruise Lines only), or on top of railing in a corner inside an elevator.

Many passengers will hide the Cruise Ducks at night. The best time to look for them is any time. However it will be easiest to find them in the morning. Keep your eye out the whole cruise, because you never know will one will appear!

Are you looking for a cruise where you can search for Cruise Ducks? Click here for a cruise quote!


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