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  • Lindsey Markwood

Discovering Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan is arguably one of the most culturally rich cities in Asia. It was the former capital of Japan for over 1,000 years and has a lot of history. If you fly into Tokyo, it is just over 2 hours if you take the bullet train which makes it an easy commute.

While there is plenty of modern culture and experiences here. Kyoto is known for its Buddhist temples and shrines, gardens, and imperial palaces. It is a great mix of modern and ancient culture. Keeping an eye out you may see a geisha walking down the street mixed in the crowd of business people.  This mix carries over into the buildings as well. You can experience ancient rituals of a tea house or shrine next door to modern offices. There are 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto. This is the highest collect of World Heritage Sites in the world! You can read more about these sites here:

In Kyoto, there are over 1,600 Buddhist temples and hundred on shrines you can visit during your stay. Visiting a few should be a top priority on your vacation.

paved pathway with beautiful orange beams with Japanese lettering
Fushimi Inari Taisha

The oldest shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha, was founded by the Hata family in 711 and dedicated to the god Inari. it's considered the oldest and most prominent shrine in Kyoto.

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through their food and drinks. We suggest having a private tea ceremony to get first hand insight into this beautiful ceremony. Foodies will enjoy a tour of Nishiki Market where there are over 100 shops, stalls, and vendors selling sushi, fresh off the boat fish and delicious sweet treats.

Japan as a whole is also known for the clean and fast transportation with trains. To learn about this To experience modern Kyoto, visit the Train Museum.

How long should you plan on visiting Kyoto? This depends on how long you want to be in Japan for. While there are day tours offered from Tokyo, you will want to spend more time here if possible. A few days is great, but you could easily spend weeks here ingrained in the Japanese culture.

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