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Exercises for Travel

Updated: Jul 9

Travelers - We are delighted to welcome Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta as our guest article writers, providing suggestions for exercises you can do on long plane and car rides.


Exercises for Travel: 


Traveling this summer? We are all familiar with that stiff, uncomfortable feeling that we have after a long trip where we are stuck in a seat for an extended period of time. Here are a couple basic exercises that can be done during and after a trip to avoid that feeling. 


  1. Ankle pumps - This is an easy but important one that can be done anywhere to avoid blood clots that are more common when traveling. Flex and point ankles to the end range of motion. Do 20 repetitions every hour while traveling. 

  2. Butt squeezes - This is an isometric exercise that can also be done while sitting in the car or on a flight. Squeeze your glut muscles holding for 5 seconds without holding your breath. Do 20 repetitions. 

  3. Isometric rows - This is another isometric exercise where you are activating your muscles without moving anything. Sit tall in your seat and press your elbows back into the seat. Feel the posterior shoulder muscles engage. Hold for a count of 5, again being careful not to hold your breath. Do 20 repetitions. 


When you arrive at your destination: 


  1. Take a walk! Getting your heart rate up and getting some circulation will help to decrease stiffness.  

  2. Hip Flexor stretch - There are several ways to stretch your hip flexors, one way is a standing lunge. Stand on one foot and step your other foot way back behind you, making sure you have some space between your feet to maintain balance. Tuck your tailbone under, creating a pelvic tilt and bend your front knee until a stretch is felt in the front of the hip. Hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds. 

Would you like to learn more? Visit Stability Pilates of Atlanta. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube.

Are you ready to plan that next trip overseas? Please schedule a consultation to start the planning process.

 Medical Disclaimer:

The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.


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