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  • Lindsey Markwood

Refillable Mugs at Universal Orlando Resorts: Are they worth it?

Updated: Mar 18

Did you know at Universal Orlando, each resort has its own refillable mug that you can purchase? This article will delve into if they are worth purchasing for your upcoming stay.

The resorts at Universal Orlando have refillable mugs you can purchase. Each has a different theme and you can choose how many days you want to purchase the refillable mug for. Is it worth purchasing the refillable mugs for your family members? First let me give you some background on me. I am not a soda drinker. I’ll have a Sprite every once in a while, but usually avoid having soda. Having said that, is it worth buying the refillable mugs at Universal? For most families yes it is, but it depends. For the most part, if you are staying 3 more days and/or you plan to have a resort only day, than absolutely yes! I have a few reasons why I think this is a good purchase.

a teal and blue mug is on the left and a black blue and yellow mug is on the right
Refillable mugs

1. Staying hydrated. Besides soft drinks you can get Powerade. It can get really hot in Orlando, especially in the summer. Staying hydrated is key. For me getting dehydrated can trigger migraines so this is something I don’t take lightly. Yes, I know you can get free water at the resorts and in the theme parks. However, I don’t love the taste of plain water. Having Powerade available kept me hydrated and I could get as much as needed since I had free refills. Just staying hydrated is enough reason to get the refillable mugs.

2. Hot chocolate. My boys loving being able to get hot chocolate any time of day with the resort mugs.

3. Cost savings. If you think you will be purchasing multiple drinks (6+), then it will be cheaper to get the refillable mugs. On top of that if you are debating getting a drink or not – then having the refillable mug already paid for makes that decision a little bit easier.

4. Dinner. Refill your mug on the way to dinner to say a few dollars on drinks while you enjoy your meal.

5. Variety of drinks. The refillable mugs use the Freestyle coke machines so you can have more options then you can image for drink choices. Even the pickiest drinker can find something they like. There are over 100 options to choose from.

6. Ice. Even if you just want water, it is nice to be able to keep it cold w/ice.

Pro tip: Get one refillable mug for each person in your party. Since all the mugs will look identical personalize it for each person. You can do this with a sticker, a string, wine charm, etc.

Refillable mugs on display with a sign behind them
Refillable mugs on display

A few things to note about the refillable mugs

1. They are only good at the resort you are staying at. So even if you pool hop to the resort next door, you cannot refill the mug at a different resort.

  • Pro tip 1: if you want to resort or pool hop – refill your mug at your resort before you head over.

  • Pro tip 2: Store the resort mugs in your room so you don’t have to take them every


2. You cannot refill your refillable resort mug at the theme parks. this includes both the dry parks and the water park, Volcano Bay. The theme parks have their own refillable mugs. The same hold true the other way around…If you buy a refillable mug from the theme park, you cannot use it at the resorts.

3. There isn’t a great way to clean them. Be sure to pack small container of dish soap to clean each night in your sink.

Will you be buying a refillable mug during your next stay?

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