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  • Lindsey Markwood

Top 5 unique things about Disney's private island Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. This article will explore the top 5 things that make this private island unique.

Sign for the Post Office sits on the Post Office roof
Mail a letter or post card at Castaway Cay

1. There is a post office on the island. I recommend to our travelers to bring a stack of postcards from home and bring them with you on the cruise. Prior to your visit at Castaway Cay, go to guest services and purchase stamps. Just a note: it may take a while for the postcards to reach their final home. Make sure that you address one postcard to yourself. This way when it arrives it will remind you of the great time you had on your Disney Cruise. The mail will have a postmark unique to Castaway Cay. Bonus: depending on when you disembark the ship, you might see one of the famous Disney characters hanging around here.

2. If you participate in the stingray adventure, you are in for a surprise. The stingrays are trained. Disney taught the stingrays to come onto the platform so you can feed and touch them. The animals are not forced to participate during the adventure - it is voluntary for them. The cast member will teach you the proper way to touch and feed these majestic creatures. Try and get the earliest time slot available for this excursions. Did you know that during hurricanes and tropical storms Disney will remove the netting surrounding the stingrays? Once the storms pass, the stingrays naturally find their way back to Castaway cay. Note: this activity is best with elementary age families.

Black and white oversized games of chess and chess
Huge Chess and Checker games at Scuttle's Cove

3. The kids club onboard the ships extends to Castaway Cay as well. At Scuttle's Cove kids can participate in free play or organized activities. Children can pretend to be archologists at Monstro Point as they dig for whale bones. There is plenty of space to play in the sand and build a sand castle. In addition, kids can play soccer, have fun in a water area, try their hand at chess or basketball, or just hang out with the kids and the Disney cast members. There is no extra cost to use Scuttle's Cove. Make sure to check the personal navigator to see what times activities are going on at Scuttle's Cove.

4. There is an airstrip on the island which is now part of the 5K run/walk. You can also use the old airstrip to get to the adults only section of the island, Serenity Bay. The smooth service is also great for bike rides. Did you know that he airstrip used to be used back in the 1930’s by bootleggers.

5. Where else can you see statues of some classic Disney characters than at Castaway Cay? There are even sunken attractions like a ride car from Dumbo. You can either bring your own snorkel equipment from home or rent them directly from Disney Cruise Line. You can find the statues at Snorkeling Lagoon. Remember: if you need a hint as to where to find these treasures, ask a cast member and they can point you in the right direction.

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