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  • Lindsey Markwood

Character Autographs: What Should They Sign?

The next best thing besides getting a hug from your favorite character is getting their autograph at the theme parks. That brings up the question, what should you bring with you to have the characters sign? This article will share a few different items to have the characters sign.

Traditionally, most kids will have their favorite characters sign an autograph book. I think it is fun to bring something a bit different. Make sure whatever you bring is lite and easy to carry.

a young boy stands in front of a chocolate carousel
An autographed Pluto hat

My personal favorite autograph item is a hat. This serves several purposes. 1) the characters can write on the hat 2) It becomes an instant talking point with cast members and characters as they look at the hat to see how many cool signatures you have acquired. 3) The hat helps limit the amount of sun on your face 4) You now have a souvenir you can wear all year old.

If your child loves to help cook in the kitchen, have the characters sign an apron. Once you are home you can have it framed or think of your magical vacation every time your child cooks. For some cookie cooking inspiration, click here.

I have seen several families bring a white pillow case sham for the characters to sign. Just make sure you leave the actual pillow at home. =). It makes for a great keepsake as your child has their favorite characters with them every night when they are back home.

Another idea is to bring 4*6 notecards (without the lines on them). Have the characters sign it and then print out pictures and put both the notecard and photograph of the character meeting in a photo album. Have the notecard and photograph directly across from each other.

For something unique - have the characters sign a book? Something similar in size to the Little Golden Books. Bonus: There is a Little Golden book about Disney Princesses.

Markwood Magic travelers – just a note: not matter what object you have the characters sign, bring a sharpie for them to use. A regular pen is too hard for some of the fur characters to hold.


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