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  • Lindsey Markwood

Discovering Cenotes in Mexico

There are over 6000 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. Yes, that is a lot. So what exactly is a cenote, why are they important, and why should you go visit one?

Cenotes are similar to a natural well or water reservoir commonly found in Mexico. They have a limestone surface that has collapsed to some degree. There are 4 kinds of cenotes:

  • Open: the ceiling has fully collapsed.

  • Semi- open: the ceiling has partially collapsed.

  • Closed:  only a small hole has collapsed as an entrance.

  • Dry: no water is left and it is dried out.

What can you do in a cenote? Depending on which cenote you go to, you can zip line, jump from platforms, snorkel, swim, repel, scuba dive, kayak, or rappel. 

One of the most famous is Cenote Azul. It is an open cenote located in Puerto Aventuras. It is close to one of my favorite places to visit in Mexico, Lagoon of Seven Colors in Bacalar and an easy car ride from Playa del Carmen. The water at Cenote Azul is simply stunning. I recommend taking a tour here to learn and explore.

beauiful water in shades of green
Cenote Azul

For the Mayan people cenotes were considered it to be the entrance to the Xibalba, which means the underworld, and a place where the Mayan gods would visit. Cenotes were so important that most temples and villages were built close by or even on top of cenotes.

They are major source of water in modern and ancient Yucatán. The average temperature of a cenote is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Each cenote is unique so no two cenotes will be the same. They can have stalagmites (a mound/column forming from the ground) and stalactites (mound/column forming from the ceiling). Both make for some beautiful pictures. Cenotes are connected underground.

Click here to get a list of the top 10 cenotes in the Mexico.

Did you know that depending on the cenote, you can have a private excursion/private tour just for your traveling party.

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