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  • Lindsey Markwood

What is a family travel curator?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

I am a family travel curator, but what exactly does that mean? Yes, I curate, plan, and provide amazing tips vacations geared for families with kids living at home. However, It is so much more than that. Here are some of the types of family vacations I do.

Skip Generational travel has definitely picked up in popularity over the past few years. This is when the parents stay home and the grandparents take one or multiple grandchildren with them on vacation. Many grandparents like to plan a solo trips with each grandchild to spend special one on one time.

Multi generational travel is a wonderful way to connect where some or all members of the extended family vacation together. The sky is the limit with where these can take place. In 2022 we had this group to go all inclusive resorts, cruises, and theme parks.

Graduation travel is prefect way for the family to connect and create new memories through travel. it is a wonderful way to celebrate a big milestone as the kids are beginning a new chapter in their lives. Some of my favorites vacations to celebrate these milestones are on small group tours. Think places like Costa Rica to focus on adventure, Alaska to discover wildlife and glaciers, or immersing in the Italian culture.

Adults sans kids travel is popular as well. Look, we love our children, and sometimes it nice just to escape as adults and leave the kids with another family member or at sleep away camp. Last summer my husband and I took two trips while the kids were at camp. Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World. This summer we are doing an adults only escape on Virgin Voyages. Its fantastic being able to escape for a bit.

Preschool family travel makes me smile. There is nothing like a child’s eyes lighting up the first time they see their favorite character in person or laughing when the waves crash on their little toes for the first time in the Caribbean. While they may not remember, you will treasure the memories for ever.

School Aged family travel makes up most up most of Markwood Magic travelers. Right now cruising is the most popular with this demographic. Why? Its great for the entire family with plenty to do together or with new friend groups. You can be as laid back or busy as you want. Behind cruising, the next most popular destination is the Orlando theme parks followed by all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Everybody is grown up family travel makes for an exciting vacation Yes, the "kids" are grown up, but it is so special to be able to plan a family vacation. While it might look a bit different then when the kids are little, it will be full of memories. Look at going to an adults only resorts in the Caribbean or cruising in the Greek Isles.

Are you ready to plan your next family vacation? Schedule a time here for us to connect.

Happy travels!



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