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The Ultimate Guide for Stress-Free Air Travel: Top Tips While Flying

Flying can be stressful. Luckly Markwood Magic has a few tips to help with stress free travel while flying. Read the article below for more information.

An airplane is ready for passengers to board
An airplane is ready for passengers to board

Food and Drink

Fill your water bottle or tumbler before you board the plane and make sure you have a few snacks in the carry on. While most airlines will offer drinks and snacks once onboard, if there is turbulence then it is possible that the flight attendants are not able to offer drinks and snacks.

Bonus tip: If you are going to use the food tray either for food or for your laptop   - be sure to sanitize it before using. It is recommended to do this as soon as you sit down.


Taking a nap on a plane is possible on an airplane, although it may be a bit harder than sleeping at home. Before leaving home, bring earplugs to eliminate  noise from other passengers or the plane itself like the engine. If you sleep better in a darker environment, also pack an eye mask. For a pillow use either a sweatshirt if you have a window seat or bring a neck pillow.



Before leaving home, download an e-book, audio book or movie. Bring headphones with you and watch while onboard.  Make sure your devices are charged before boarding the plane. You can also bring a small portable charging device with you as well.


What to wear

Dress in layers. It can get hot if you are taxiing or waiting on the runway for a while. On the flip side, it can also get cold. If you bring a sweatshirt, it can double as a pillow or small blanket if you want to sleep.


Try and move during your flight without disturbing your neighbors. Take a few minutes and reach your arms towards the sky or march in place with your feet. This helps get the blood moving and makes you feel better. I like to stand in the aisle and walk, do high knees, and calf raises. Note: I am not a medical doctor, talk to your doctor and have them suggest what would work best for you.

Staying moisturized

For longer flights, make sure your skin stays hydrated. Bring a small light moisturizer.


Happy flying travelers!

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