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  • Lindsey Markwood

Universal Orlando Packing List

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Resorts reservations are made and tickets are purchased. What should you pack for your Universal Orlando trip?


1. Lanyard:

· Go to Party City or a similar store and get a lanyard. Also invest in a badge holder. You can use this to carry your tickets and hotel key/express pass in. You can also get a cell phone holder. Both these options will keep your tickets dry and give you easy access to them.

2. Fanny Pack:

· I always try to bring as little as possible in the parks. Many of the rides require items be stored in a locker prior to riding. By having a fanny pack you may be able to bypass the lockers and get on the ride a few minutes faster. What can you put in your fanny packs? I recommend snacks.

3. Two pairs of good sneakers:

· While sandals are cute to wear, make sure they offer enough support. Instead of sandals, I wear sneakers. (sometimes even with a dress, gasp!). Theme parks in general have you walking around a lot (as a side note it is fun see how many steps you get in a theme park day vs a typical day at home). Be sure take two great pair of sneakers. By having two pair, you can change them out each day.

4. Water shoes:

· If you plan to visit Volcano Bay or check out the many water rides wear shoes that can get wet. They will dry much faster than a typical sneaker.

5. Socks:

· I recommend investing in a good socks. I wear Thoros walking distance socks.

6. Sun protection: Hat and sunscreen

· Yes, even in the winter months, you can get a sunburn. Bring a hat or visor to help shield the sun and bring sunscreen with you. Make sure to put the sunscreen on throughout the day

7. Ponchos

· It can rain in Florida. While you can buy a poncho at the resort, head to Walmart or the Dollar Store and get rain ponchos there. Bonus: put on a poncho while experiencing the water rides to limit how wet you get.

8. Cell phone charger

· Bring a portable charger with you.

9. Cooling towel

· If you are heat sensitive, consider getting a cooling towel

10. Themed clothes (optional)

· If your family loves to have themed clothes there are lots of options. From a Hogwarth’s robe to Dr. Suess’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts, there are themed shirts for you.

11. Jacket/Fleece

· In the winter months it can get chilly in the morning. Dress in layers. We like to wear a shirt sleeve shirt with a fleece (depending on the temperature)

12. Photo ID, credit card, and a copy of your reservation confirmation

· More information will be sent in your tip sheet prior to travel

13. Refillable water bottle

· Staying hydrated is import when you are walking in the theme parks. You can bring a refillable water bottle. If you don’t want to carry it around, you can also ask for free water at the dining locations.

14. Masks

· Check the current safety and transportation guides lines to see if masks are required (on the airplane, Uber rides, etc.)

15. Sling bag

· If you are going to spend time at the pool or Volcano Bay, bring a sling bag to store goggles, your phone, etc.

16. Medications

· Talk to your doctor about which medications to bring.



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