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  • Lindsey Markwood

Differences between the Windjammer (Royal Caribbean) and The Galley (Virgin Voyages

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Your vacation has started and you are finally onboard your cruise. It is time to eat and your are looking for somewhere to eat that doesn’t require a reservation. Onboard Royal Caribbean most cruisers will head to the Windjammer while on a Virgin Voyage cruise sailors (that is what they call cruise passengers) typically go to the Galley. Lets explore the similarities and differences between the two.

two rows of dessert, the Scarlet Lady
Scarlet Lady Dessert

The Galley is an upscale food hall where sailors (cruise passengers) can enjoy a leisurely meal. It’s open 24 hours and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as ‘snacks to go’. You have two options on how to eat. Virgin Prefers you find the perfect table and then have a crew member take your order. How do you order? Simply raise the red flag. A crew member will be at your table pretty quick! You can also order from one or many stations and request customization. (Bento Boxes is my favorite by the way). Most passengers get their own drinks and desserts. It is most crowded for breakfast and dinner. The Galley is included with your cruise fare (minus some drinks).

A sample of the many cold cuts at the Windjammer
Cold Cuts at the Windjammer

You can find the Windjammer onboard Royal Caribbean ships. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but will close down between meals to prep. Most of the stations are buffet style where the passengers will serve themselves. When you sit down a staff member will come over and get you drinks or you can get your drink on your own. The Windjammer is included in your cruise fair (minus some drinks).

You will also find crew members eating at the Galley with you. While you are less likely to see crew members eating at the Windjammer.

The Windjammer will have some staples that stay the same the whole cruise, but will vary the dishes they serve as well. Many cruisers like to eat here for all meals as it is very quick. It is most crowded during the lunch hours. There is even a section for the pickiest of eaters onboard. As it is buffet style you get all your food at once and then everybody can eat at the same time. (Yes, you can get seconds, but please get a clean plate)

The Galley has less variety of food. The same items are usually served each day. (there are some differences, but most stations have the same menu). After you order different crew members will bring your food out and it can arrive at different times. You can also order as many times as you want during your cruise.

My favorite dessert at the Galley is the Scarlet Lady while at the Windjammer it is apple pie with vanilla ice cream. For sides, I like the sweet potato tots at the Galley and the roasted potatoes at the Windjammer. For the main meal I recommend one of the sushi rolls at The Galley and salmon at the Windjammer.

You will find cruisers of all ages at the Windjammer while you only find sailors 18 or older at The Galley. The dress code is similar for both locations. Most cruisers/sailors are dressed casual. You will see more people in athletic wear on a Virgin Voyage cruise

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Happy cruising!


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