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  • Lindsey Markwood

Complimentary Food Options Onboard Wonder of the Seas

One of the great things about cruising is that you are never too far from food. There always seems to be a plethora of places to eat onboard. Wonder of the Seas is no exception. Lets dive the dining options that are included in your cruise fare.

Dining room table set for dinner. in the background are columns lit by christmas lights, abstract artworks, and a large chandelier
Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room - Every Royal Caribbean Ship has a the Main Dining Rooms. On Wonder of the Seas its spans an impressive 3 decks. Meals here are served by your waiter, assistant waiter. the head waiter also stops by to check on your family. If you have an assigned dining time you get the same wait staff. Dinner takes around an hour and less and that includes an appetizer (or two or three), your main meal, and dessert. Here you can have a table with just your traveling party or you can meet new friends on the cruise. You can also have an opportunity to have a more formal breakfast or lunch here as well. If time permits try that at least once on your cruise.

Windjammer Cafe - Another staple onboard every Royal Caribbean ship is Windjammer Cafe. This is the ultimate buffet. It is usually our family's go to for breakfast and lunch. it is also open for dinner. Pro tip: if you have a late dining time, come here to get an appetizer before dinner. There is a huge dessert section and lots of variety of things to eat. The atmosphere is a bit more casual. This area can get busy during peek times so try and get here early.

Solarium Bistro - This is a smaller more upscale version of the Windjammer. It is complimentary. Make reservations here for one night during your cruise.

Boardwalk Dog House - As the name implies Boardwalk Dog House is in the Boardwalk Neighborhood. To be honest as many times as I have walked by, I have not tried it.

Cafe Promenade - Most guest will get coffee here or at Starbucks. There are a few items to eat. I usually get something elsewhere.

El Loco Fresh - El Loco Fresh is a staple on many of Royal Caribbeans ship. It is always a hit because of its proximity to the pool. If you like Mexican food, then you should try it out for lunch.

Park Cafe - Park Cafe is located in Central Park. This is a lesser known place to eat and food is on the lighter side. You can always find soups, salads, and a variety of small sandwiches. This is also complimentary.

a vanilla soft serve ice cream overlooks the central park neighborhood.
Ice cream overlooking Central Park

Sprinkles - This is one of my favorite places to go. Why? Because I love the soft serve ice cream.

Sorrento’s Pizza - This pizza has a huge following many guests love the fast that it is open much longer that the other restaurants. It is located in the Royal Promenade. It is fun to grab a slice of pizza and then people watch at one of the tables outside or listen to the music.

Coastal Kitchen - Mediterranean meets California in this suite only restaurant. Those in a Junior Suite can enjoy Coastal Kitchen for dinner, while those in higher categories can also come for breakfast and lunch.

Johnny Rockets - While lunch and dinner come with an additional cost, you can eat breakfast here for free.

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