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  • Lindsey Markwood

Exploring the AquaDome Neighborhood: A Tour Onboard Icon of the Seas

 Out of the 8 neighborhoods onboard Icon of the Seas, my favorite is the AquaDome Neighborhood. Lets take a quick tour:



Two aerialists soar in a huge waterfall in the AquaDome. In the background is pink designs projected.
Nighttime performance of Aqua Action

With the Icon class ships the Aqua theater evolved into the AquaDome, complete with its own waterfall during the aqua show, Aqua Action. It also houses the kid friendly show: Pirates and Mermaids.

Markwood Magic highly recommends making reservations for the show and sitting as close to the middle as possible. Pro tip: If you don’t have a reservation, take one of the seats on the outside. Those are first come first serve and are great way to see the show. We did this for a second showing during our cruise because we loved the first show that much.

Hooked Seafood:

As its name implies, Hooked Seafood specializes in seafood. It is a specialty restaurant, meaning that there is an additional cost to eat here. Hooked Seafood can be found on many of the other cruise ships. Markwood Magic at the one onboard Wonder of the Seas. If this is on your to do list for dining, make reservations early.

The Overlook:

With the AquaDome Neighborhood being my favorite neighborhood, inside here The Overlook is my favorite place to hang out. It is incredibly peaceful early in the morning with a coffee or other drink in hand watching the ocean waves go by. The pods in The Overlook will fill up with groups of friends/family or a travelers looking for a secluded place to nap. In my opinion the orange and blue loungers are the best place to sit – take a look at the video if you haven’t already to see where they are.

Bonus: If you hang out here during the day and hear what sounds like music from one of the aqua shows – walk back to the AquaDome. You can watch the aqua cast practicing. Please be respectful and don’t take pictures or videos while they are practicing. It was neat being able to watch this amazingly talented group of performers practice.

Rye and Bean:

This coffee shop will almost always be less crowded than at the Pearl Café or Starbucks for coffee in the morning.

The AquaDome Market:

Icon of the Seas has the best included food out of any Royal Caribbean ship in my opinion. You must try eating here once. It is a fast casual dining with 5 different food options. You can eat here for lunch, dinner or when you just need a snack. If you only go here once and only eat at one place (you are going to want to try them all but lets just assume you are going to only one place) – go to  Crème de la Crepe. One my week long cruise I think I had crepes 4 different times. (In my tip sheet I share with travelers who book with Markwood Magic – I go into more details about what to order)

Royal Bling:

So who wants some Royal Caribbean Bling? Royal Bling is where you can find jewelry with the Royal Caribbean logo and more.


Ready to plan your next vacation onboard Icon of the Seas? I would love to help. Schedule a consultation to begin.




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