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  • Lindsey Markwood

Hidden Mickey at Walt Disney World

A Hidden Mickey is an image or partial image of  Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse. It usually consists of a larger circle which is the head and two smaller ones which are the two ears. When put together it looks like Mickey or Minnie Mouse.

Disney's Imagineers often incorporates Hidden Mickeys into their design. They are made from stones, flowers, paint, iron, or whatever the Imagineers dream up. Many of the design elements are not so hidden so as many guests as possible will notice.

a prop outsid the store. the prop has a huge scoop of popcorn and M&Ms
Find the Hidden Mickey. Hint: the M&Ms are the ears

Disney also makes a little harder to spot a Hidden Mickey. Inside the parks they can be in the gift shops, on the ground, restaurants, attractions, or just the general decor. The picture to the right is outside Kernel Kitchen. If you ride an attraction for a second or third time on your trip, take a look around as you just might find a hidden Mickey in the ride.

Looking for Hidden Mickeys is a fun way to spend your day. Make a game with your family to see who can spot the most. The Winner could get something like a Dole Whip or other fun treat.

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