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  • Lindsey Markwood

What are Mickey Ears

Updated: Mar 18

Walk down Main Street USA or anywhere else at Walt Disney World Resort and you are going to see a lot of guests wearing Mickey Ears on top of their head. The same holds true at Disneyland, Alunai A Disney Resort and Spa, and onboard a Disney cruise. This article will explore the history of Mickey ears, the different type of Mickey ears, and where to purchase Mickey ears.

Do you have to wear ears while you are at a Disney destination? No, but it does make it a lot of fun if you do!

Before we get too far down about the modern Mickey ears, lets take a walk down history lane. Mickey ears first appeared in the children’s show the Mickey Mouse Club during the 1950s!

What I love the most about Mickey ears is that there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. The hard part is picking the one that is perfect for you! There are ears dedicated to your favorite characters such as Pluto, Olaf, Maribel. There are ears dedicated to the holidays. In December its fun to see ears that light up, ears in blue and white for Hanukkah and gingerbread themed ears for Christmas. Over Halloween you will see a pumpkin themed ears. There are ears themed to your favorite ride such as It’s a Small World

travel advisor standing infront of Emotional Whirlwind, a ride at Disney's California Adventure Park
Lindsey at Disney California Adventure Park

or Pirates of the Caribbean. There are ears for special occasions. Keep your eye out and you will find at least one wedding themed ears amongst the guests. (the white veil is very cute) There are even ears for the various festivals at Epcot. During the EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival you will see many homemade ears with corks in them. There are even ears not directly related to Disney for sports teams, colleges, and more. The creativity and possibilities are almost endless. I like to match my Mickey ears to a character or attraction at the theme park I will be at. the picture is at Disney's California Park.

Type of Ears

Lets discuss the different ears you can get. Most guest wear the headband ears as seen here. I find the ones from Etsy are typically a bit more comfortable. The headband ears are typically made with a fabric. Want some versatility? There are even interchangeable 3D printed ears. You can get ears make out vines. I like the vine ears with flowers themed to the holidays (Floofy Arts makes some great vine ears).

I’m a big fan of visors in the summer because they help keep the sun off my face. As of this blog I have two Ear Visors. One themed to a Disney cruise and the other is themed to the Haunted Mansion.

As I am sure you guessed, there are also hats with Mickey Ears.

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle, then you can get scrunchies with ears. Have long hair? I have also seen tutorials on how to make two buns at the top of your head look like Mickey Ears.

Where you can get Ears prior to your trip:

· Etsy: There are a lot of different artists making ears for your trip.

· Make your own

If you don’t purchase your ears prior to your trip, no worries Disney sells them at their properties as well.

Storing your ears while on vacation

If you have a Loungefly backpack – consider getting an Ear Buddy to hold your favorite pair of ears while not wearing them.

You can also store them in a clintch sack during the more thrilling rides. Make sure they will not get squashed by other objects (or you!)

Storing your ears when at home.

If you want to show off your ears, you can make a wall display. Search Mickey Ear Holder on Etsy. There are a lot of different vendors to choose from.

Are you ready to plan your next vacation to show off the new Mickey years? Schedule a consultation so we can start planning the perfect vacation for you!

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