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Magical Ideas for Surprising Kids With a Trip to Walt Disney World

Image the look on your kids's faces when they realize the family is heading to Walt Disney World. Will they scream will excitement? Start dancing with joy? You want to make this moment magical, but how can you surprise them? This article will you a few creative ideas to reveal this memorial trip with them.


statue at the enterence of Magic Kingdom with the castle in the background
Magic Kingdom

Suprising While at Home:

Under the tree for Christmas or on the fireplace for Hanukkah

One of the most popular methods is to suprise kids during the December holidays. This works great for vacations the week between Christmas to New Years for younger kids and though the end of Feburay for older kids. Order MagicBand+ and wrap them as a holiday gift for the kids to open. If you want to support a local small business, buy matching family shirts to open together. You can also have each child or family member open new Mickey Ears. This tip works great for birthdays as well!

Disney Wake Up Song List

Instead of waking your kids up like normal have them wake up hearing theme park music. If you love your signing voice, then belt out your favorite Disney song from the theme parks. Bonus: wear Mickey Ears while doing this.

Locked Screen

Gather all the kid’s electronic devices. Change the lock screen to say we are going to Walt Disney World today! You can make the lock screen in Canva.

Breakfast at Home

For breakfast at home, put labels on the cups that say “We are going to Disney’. This lables will also work great with water bottles. If you have time make Mickey shapped pancakes or Mickey Waffels.

A Card in the Mail

Get a card from the store or make your own. You can put the card in the mail. A few days before it arrives, have the kids start getting the mail. An alternative is to have a card at everybody's plate at the kitchen table.

The Fridge

Spell out We are going to Walt Disney World on your fridge with magnets.

Arts and Craft Project

The day before do an arts and craft project making Mickey ears. Bonus tip: you can give the supplies for the arts and craft as a seperate gift to help make the suprise last longer. It is a great way to spend family time together. If you need help on templates, be sure to read our article on Mickey Ears. it has links on how to make them yourself.


Get a poster board that says “We are doing to Disney” cut it into puzzle pieces and have your kids put the pieces together. You can take the same idea and design something in Canva and print it off.


Surprising the Kids in the Car:

For these fun surprises, the night before put the kids packed luggage in your car. Just a note: I do not recommend telling the kids that you are going to Grandma's house, the beach, or other destination they might be excited about. if you do this you run the risk of them being disappointed that they won't get to see their other family, etc.

Car window stickers

Decorate the car with Disney themed window stickers. Wake the kids up a little early. In the morning tell the kids you have a surprise and the family is going out for breakfast. Make sure to leave when it is dark outside as it will be harder to see the car stickers.  Start driving down to Walt Disney World and stop for breakfast on the way. By the time breakfast is over it should be light enough for the kids to see the stickers on the windows.

Disney play list

A play list Play Disney songs from and wait for the kids to start asking about all the stickers on the window.

Stuffed Animals

Fill a basket in the the car with stuffed animals from the various Disney movies. Once you have your first stop (get the animals out so the kids can play with them and the animals can 'watch' Walt Disney World get closer. Bonus: Once you are at your resort, put the animals in your window for a magical touch!

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