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  • Lindsey Markwood

Top 5 activities for teens onboard Norwegian Viva

Teens can be a hard group to please when it comes to vacations. Luckly, there is a lot of activiites for them onboard Norwegian Viva. This article will share the top 5 activitities for families with teens.


I was a guest of Norwegian onboard Norwegian Viva for her Christening sailing. Please note: the article below is my opinion of the top activities for kids onboard Norwegian Viva


1.       Galaxy Pavilion.

Jeep ride
One of the many VR rides at Galaxy Pavilion

The entire Galaxy Pavilion is a large area dedicated to Virtual Reality. I cannot even begin to express how much fun I had here. My absolute favorite out of all the attractions was the Dark Ride. It is a shooting game, but it is not gory. The seats move and make you feel like you are in the attraction. Plus you get to wear groovy 3D glasses. I love that the fans give you the feeling of moving forward at a fast pace.  I tried out four different scenarios. I liked the cowboy one the most.  This game is best with a group of friends as you are all working together. If you only do one ride here, make it the Dark Ride. There are several riding simulation games including a flight simulator. I might or might not have crashed a few times in the Jeep.  No worries, I am a good driver on the roads where I live..but I am not made for racing. Even with the crashing, it was a lot of fun. I thought it was neat that while wearing my VR headset I had virtual arms/hands.  Just a note: there is an additional cost for each attraction.  I highly suggest getting the full cruise pass. Especially if you have a member of your traveling family that loves VR. Pro tip: If a member of your traveling party is prone to motion sickness, then I suggest skipping this ride.

2.       The Wave. The wave might be my favorite raft ride at sea. I literally rode it 5 times in a row. It is the perfect combination of fun and thrill.  Pro tip: it will have the shortest wait on port days. If you love the thrill – also try The Drop. I was a little too scared to try this myself by friends who did, loved it! This is a free activity.

3.       Viva Speedway. Norwegian Viva has a three story race track. I think teens (and adults too) will love the Viva Speedway. The race track is unique to Norwegian Cruise Lines. Look at the schedule as there are times allocated for single riders and double riders. At the end there is a cute platform for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

4.       Beetlejuice, the Musical.

a red sign for Beetlejuice, the Musical in front of a purple and green curtain
The stage for Beetlejuice, the Musical

There is a ton of humor in Beetlejuice, the Musical. I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes. If you only do one nighttime event with your teens, make it this one. The actors/actresses are extremely talented and very funny. Pro tip: Watch this the first night it is offered.


5.       The Stadium The Stadium is home to a ton of games like pickleball, the craziest version of ping-pong I have ever seen, foosball, beer-pong, and more. If your teen only tries one game have them try subsoccer. You sit on a bench. Under the bench is the goal. The table has a clear top so you can see the ball. It is so much fun. You can be very athletic, or not athletic at all and have a great time. Beware: lots of laughter may come from this area.

woman in water looking out from the infinity pool
Infinity Pool onboard Norwegian Viva


6.       Infinity Pool.

If your teen loves social media, then have the be sure to have them get a picture in one of the infinity pools. Pro tip: do this on a sea day early in the morning.


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