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  • Lindsey Markwood

Ultimate checklist of things to do prior to your vacation

Updated: Jun 14

Wondering how to prepare for your vacation and make the return to your daily routine smoother? Take a look at this list for tips on what to do the week before, the day before, and on the day of your trip.

 The week prior:

1.       Pack. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack. Pack the prior week so if you are missing something, you have plenty of time to get that item.

2.       Bills. Pre-pay any bills that will be due the week of after your vacation so you don’t have to worry about it later.

3.       Pets. Double check schedules with your pet sitter/boarder.

4.       Snail Mail. Put a hold on your USPS mail here. You can schedule the hold up to a month in advance  

5.       Ring Camera. If you have a ring camera or other monitoring device, double check the batteries.

6.       Credit Card. If you are going out of the country, let your credit card company know.

7. Parking. If you are flying, go ahead and reserve a parking spot at the airport.

8. Medication. Go ahead and refill any prescriptions you need. Bonus tip: If you are traveling internationally, make sure to check that country's laws regarding medication. If documentation is needed - go ahead and get that taken care of.

9. Automatic delivery. If you have any subscriptions they are scheduled to arrive during vacation place a hold on them. This could include meal delivery, pet food, etc.

The day prior:

teal luggage is open with clothes indie. On the run is a small toy plane passport and other documents.
Packing for vacation

1.       Packing. Put your suitcases and carry on by the front door all together. This will clear up room in other areas of your home.

2.       Gas. Fill your car with gas. Yes, even if you are flying and even if you somebody is picking you up from your house. This way it is once less chore you have to do the week you get back home.

3.       Grocery. Order grocery delivery from your favorite store. When you get back from vacation, the last thing you want to do is head to the grocery store for food. Bonus: order something that is pre-made that all you have to do is heat up for dinner.

4.       Laundry. If you have laundry a basket dryer go ahead and put it up. Chances are you will have additional laundry to do after vacation, and this is one load (or two) that you will need to put away.

5.      Dishwasher. Go ahead and empty the drying rack and dishwasher. If there are any dirty dishes on the counter, clean those as well.

6. Security. Call your local police station and see if they can setup extra patrols while you are out of own.

The day of:

1.       Trash. Take out the trash. Nobody wants to come home to a smelly house. Empty the kitchen trash in the morning. If you will be gone during trash day, ask a neighbor if they can take up your trashcan and bring it back down for you.

2.       Bed. Make your bed. At a minimum – make your bed. If you have extra time, go head and put on fresh sheets as well.

3.       Locked. Ensure that the windows and doors are securely locked.

4.       Thermostat. Change the thermostat in your home to your ‘vacation mode’. If your thermostat has an app, go ahead and download it.

5.       Plants. If you don't have anyone to water your plants while you're away or add a self watering device, make sure to water them yourself.

6.       Appliances. Take pictures of any appliances use that morning ‘off position’ or unplugged. Examples: The stove, toaster over, curling iron, etc. This way when you are on the way to your vacation you won’t have to turn around ‘just in case’.

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