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What to pack for Walt Disney World Resort

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Your resort and tickets are booked through Markwood Magic, reservations have been made, and now its time to start packing. What should you bring? This article will give a few suggestions to make your Walt Disney World Resort vacation a bit easier.

· Two pairs of good sneakers While sandals are cute to wear, make sure they offer enough support. Instead of sandals, I wear sneakers. (sometimes even with a dress, gasp!). Theme parks in general have you walking around a lot (as a side note it is fun see how many steps you get in a theme park day vs a typical day at home). Be sure take two great pair of sneakers. By having two pair, you can change them out each day.

· Plenty of good socks I recommend investing in a good socks. Having support makes all the difference in the world! I wear Thoros walking distance socks. If you plan on going back to your resort room during the day, bring extra socks to wear.

· Ziplock bags Perfect for storing snacks, keeping your phone dry, etc. Bring a few gallon, sandwich, and snack size.

· Ears & Ear Holders There is an endless assortment of ears to choose from. Don't worry, if you don't bring ears from home, you can get ears at your resort and in the theme parks.

· Hat Bring a hat or visor to help shield the sun from your eyes.

· Sunscreen Yes, even in the winter months, you can get a sunburn. Make sure to reapply the sunscreen throughout the day.

· Ponchos It can rain in Florida – especially in the afternoon. While you can buy a poncho at your hotel or at the parks, head to Walmart or the Dollar Store and get rain ponchos there. Bonus uses for a poncho:

o Put on a poncho while experiencing the water rides to limit how wet you get.

o A poncho or two can be used to protect a stroller from the elements

· Cell phone charger You will be using your cell phone a lot at the parks. From accessing Play Disney, Genie +, to checking out the wait times for the rides, to taking fun selfies. You will save a lot of money if you bring a portable charger with you.

· Cooling towel If you are heat sensitive, consider getting a cooling towel

· Neck fan Neck fans have become all the range while in the parks. There are a few to choose from. Click here

· Jacket/Fleece In the winter months it can get chilly in the morning. Dress in layers. We like to wear a shirt sleeve shirt with a fleece (depending on the temperature)

· Refillable water bottle Staying hydrated is import when you are walking in the theme parks. You can bring a refillable water bottle. If you don’t want to carry it around, you can also ask for free water at the dining locations.

· Sling bag If you are going to spend time at the pool or at the Disney Water Parks, bring a sling bag to store goggles, your phone, etc.

· Medications Talk to your doctor about which medications to bring.

· Souvenirs If you have younger kids and are looking to save money, bring souvenirs with you to gift the kids throughout the week. Look at Target, CVS, Walmart, and the Dollar store.

· Pop Up laundry bag This give you an easy place to store dirty clothes. Bonus: One of the many great things about staying on property is that there are laundry rooms should you need to wash clothes.

· Bathing Suit

If staying on property, pack a bathing suit. Bonus: The pools at the onsite resorts are headed in the colder months.

I hope you have the best time on your vacation! Talk to you soon travelers!

Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios riding Slinky Dog Dash
Slinky Dog Dash

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