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  • Lindsey Markwood

Laundry Options at Walt Disney World®

Updated: Jan 31

If your family is like mine, we have a lot of dirty laundry. There are a few options at Walt Disney World. You can wash it yourself, take it home dirty, or have Disney do it for you.

Self Service Laundry

A folding table shown here with washing machines in the background
Yes! You can do your own laundry while vacationing at Walt Disney World.

Each resort has multiple self-laundry facilities you can use. What is nice about this is that they position them relatively close to the rooms. The self laundry rooms accept credit cards and debit for payment for the soap dispenser, washer, and dryer. A limited number of machines will accept coins. Bonus: There is a folding table should you wish you fold your laundry prior to returning back to your room.

You can see how many washer and dryers are available here:

To bring your dirty clothes to the self service laundry, use a pop up hamper. There are a lot of options, just make sure it is collapsible to make it easy for packing. Of course, you can always use your luggage to transport back and forth.

One of our favorite features is that once your laundry is done, you can get a text message sent directly to your phone.

In Room Laundry

One of the many advantages to staying in a Villa (at select resorts) is having a washer and dryer in your room. There will be a laundry packet that is good for one load. If you need more, you can buy at the resort from housekeeping or the store. We usually drive and bring laundry packets with us from home to save a few dollars. Our family has used the in room washer and dryer so many times. In fact, anytime we stay in a villa we make sure to wash all our clothes so that is one less thing to do when we get home from vacation. It also allows you to pack even lighter, so you have more room in your luggage for souvenirs.

Dry Clean Your Laundry

Another option is to have somebody else do your laundry! Look in your room closet. You will see a laundry bag with a price list for dry cleaning. This is the easiest option for families. From the phone in your room, select Housekeeping. They can schedule when the laundry should be picked up or tell you if you should drop it at Bell Services.


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