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Is there any advantage to staying on property at Walt Disney World?

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Your family has decided they want to go to Walt Disney World. That is great! So where should you stay? On or off property? Why would you want to stay on property and what advantages are there? Read the article below for more information and then book with your Disney destination specialist, Markwood Magic.

I have a few of my travelers ask me if there was an advantage to staying on property. Absolutely YES!!! Let me layout why.

Disney Genie+ Individual Lightning Lane selections early access.

Guests staying on property can start making their Individual Lightning Lane Selections selections at 7 am while those staying off property have to wait until park opening. That means those staying on property will get the best selection for the most popular attractions. You can read more about Genie+ here.

Early Park Admission

Guest staying on property can enjoy the parks 30 minutes to the park opening. Early park admission has lower crowds which translates to less time waiting in line and more time enjoying the rides and attractions. Disney has the early park admission at all 4 parks. This can be a huge advantage.


Friendship boats is docked by Disney's Boardwalk. in the background you can see Disney's Beach Club Resort
The friendship boats can take you to EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios, and the resorts a

Another wonderful thing about staying on property is that you never have to drive anywhere. Utilizing Disney’s transportation system makes life easier. Depending on where you are staying, you can take the Disney’s Skyliner, a water taxi, monorail, and/or bus. If you flew into Orlando, this also removes dependence on Lyft/Uber or your off property shuttle.

Lack of Traffic

Traffic on Osceola Pkwy and I92 can be a bear during rush hour. Staying on property avoids sitting in traffic. That means more time to just relax and enjoy your vacation. Staying on property means its pretty easy if you want to go back to your resort mid afternoon for a little cat nap or to lounge by the pool.


This is dependent on the on property resort you stay at. If you are at one of the resorts that border Magic Kingdom® then you can listen to the fireworks while having the music piped in. Watching from Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa® was spectacular. Fair warning: you get spoiled having so many amazing fireworks to watch each night. For the EPCOT® area resorts, you can also see the fireworks. My favorite spot is right outside the Yacht Club with the Rivera being a close second.


When you stay on property, you only have to pay a $200 deposit. This gives you the flexibility to pay off the balance monthly or wait until final payment. If you stay off property and want tickets the full amount is due at time of purchase. On top of that if I book your package and a discount comes out that saves you money, then I will apply that discount automatically for you.

Being in the Magic

Sign displaying activites to do at Disney's Riviera Resort including movies under the stars, the fitness center, and events in the Eventi Room
Recreation activities at Disney's Riviera Resort

Ahh! One of my favorite perks of staying on property is always being in the magic. Each resort is themed and will put a smile on your face with the Disney touches. From watching movies at the pool, to themed community rooms, to have Mickey waffles for breakfast. You never have to leave the magic.


It is strongly encouraged to get travel insurance. If you want that insurance through Disney, it can only be done via a package (resort, plus tickets). It cannot be done on ticket only purchases.


A seiries of washing machines at Disney's All Star Resort. Above are posts related to the resort.
Each Disney resorts has a laundry room guests can you

Each resort has at least one location where you can do your laundry. Click here to learn more.


Guests staying on property can book dining the length of their stay starting 60 days from their check in. This means on property guest can reserve dining as early as 70 days depending on how long their resort stay and tickets are. The most popular restaurants get booked first by onsite guests. Guest staying offsite have to log in each day to book dining. They can book dining 60 days in advance of each day.

Are you ready to stay on Disney property? I would love to help you. Kindly fill out this quote request form here and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Happy Travels!

Lindsey Markwood


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